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Rock Of The Week For 2011-02-24

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This special rock of the month is from Eusebio O., from Narraville, Walvis Bay, the Skeleton Coast, NAMIBIA. Beautiful rose quartz, which is normally found in massive pieces, is an igneous mineral that originates deep within Earth's crust. It forms when large masses of molten rock, or magma, slowly migrate upward toward the surface. Magma is less dense than the surrounding solid rock and thus it rises. Over time, magma that has risen within the crust cools and some of it solidifies into mineral crystals, miles beneath the surface. Near the end of its upward migration, while the magma's temperature has lowered, some magma is still fluid around the outside edges. This pushes into cracks in the solid rock surrounding the magma body. Cooling magma is frequently rich in volatiles, substances that can vaporize or evaporate, such as water and oxygen. As fluid magma continues to cool slowly, rose quartz crystals may begin to form. The rosy tint comes from trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. This particular piece of rose quartz is from Namibia, a country that is especially rich in this mineral, and many others.

Thanks for sending in such a cool rock!

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