Rock Around the World

Rock Around The World

At this time, we are not accepting any more Rock Around the World submissions due to a large backlog.

Please check back soon for updates on when more rocks will be accepted. Thank you.

Scientists Need Your Help!

Mars Scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. Send in a rock collected by you or your classroom from your region of the world and we will use a special tool like the one on the Mars Exploration Rovers to tell you what it's made of.
If you've already sent in a rock and received your certificate, you can find it by entering the rock ID (like RATW02759) on your certificate here:
Or browse through all the rocks we've received by clicking on this map:
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Rock of the Month
Rock of the  spectrum

Rock of the Month

Each month we will feature a new rock from a different part of the world. This month's rock comes from Eusebio O. of Narraville, Walvis Bay, the Skeleton Coast, Namibia, Africa.
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