Rock Around the World

Rock Around The World

Which Minerals Are Common?

Even though there are thousands of different minerals, there are a few that are very common and we can pay particular attention to just a few:


  • QuartzQuartz
    Often light colored and found in all types of rocks.
  • FeldsparFeldspar
    Also very common and found in many different kinds of rocks. (Image is of microcline, a specific type of feldspar.)
  • MicaMica
    Flaky mineral often present as black flecks in granite. (Image is of biotite, a specific type of mica.)
  • AmphiboleAmphibole
    A dark colored mineral found in a variety of igneous and metamorphic rocks. (Image is of hornblende, a specific type of amphibole.)
  • PyroxenePyroxene
    A dark colored mineral often found in igneous rocks such as basalt. (Image is of diopside, a specific type of pyroxene.)
  • Clays
    These are also called phyllosilicates and are formed when a rock is weathered. (Image is of talc, a specific type of clay-forming mineral.)


  • CalciteCalcite
    Limestones (sedimentary rocks) are formed from calcite.


  • GypsumGypsum
    Gypsum is often found in desert playas and dry lakes


  • HematiteHematite
    Hematite is also known as rust and its reddish color can be seen in many rocks
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